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What are the best makeup brushes?

For those who like to make up, it is very important to have a set of high-quality makeup brushes. Professional makeup brushes can make the cosmetics more suitable for our skin, thus making the makeup look more perfect. Today I'd like to share with you some brands of makeup brushes that are worth buying.   

1、The shape of the makeup brush  According to the function, makeup brush can be divided into facial makeup brush, eye makeup brush and detail brush. Makeup brushes come in the traditional flat head shape, bevel shape and the more popular toothbrush shape in recent years. you can get in www.bougabeauty.com

2、Classification of makeup brushes  Powder Brush:Used for the entire face  Blush Brush& Sculpting Brush:Used for coloring of blush powder or bronzing powder  Foundation Brush:Used for coloring of liquid foundation and foundation cream  Large size eyeshadow brush: Apply to a large area of the entire eye shadow  Small size eyeshadow brush: For smudging in the middle of eye shadow  Eyebrow brush: Used to outline and color the eyebrows  Lip brush: Used for the outline of lip line and the coloring of lip gloss , you can get in www.bougabeauty.com.

 3、The brush material of the cosmetic brush  The brush material of cosmetic brush is mainly animal wool and artificial fiber wool.  The animal hair brush is more delicate and soft than the artificial hair brush. It has a strong ability to scratch powder and is easy to color, which can help us create a very natural makeup effect. Among animal hair, goat hair is most commonly used. Horse hair is softer than other animal hair, but less elastic; There are plenty of brushes that use mink and squirrel hair, but they can be more expensive.  In general, the advantages of the animal hair brush can be summarized as follows: strong ability to grasp powder, soft and comfortable touch. The biggest advantage of man-made wool brush is not afraid of water and grease, rub repeatedly also won't affect the quality of brush wool, so its service life is longer.  There are so many different types of brushes, so you still need to choose the one that suits you according to different brands and different characteristics of brushes. Overall, if you're new to makeup, then manmade wool might be better for you; If you have some makeup experience and want to pursue a more professional and perfect look, then you should choose a brush made of animal hair.  Here are some brands of makeup brushes that I think are worth buying. I hope you will like them.

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