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Are dirty makeup brushes ruining your body

The short answer is yes.The thing about brushes is they’re only part of the equation when it comes to application. Your makeup is the other half. When your brushes have been collecting dust, dirt, and bacteria, all of that, buildup gets transferred to your precious products. Germs multiply in wet environments, like your cream blushes and gel liners. Leaving anything with moisture on your brushes will further contaminate them, thus perpetuating the cycle of bacteria, if you need high quality brush I recommend this site BougaBeauty (https://bougabeauty.com/collections/makeup-brushes-1) .If you struggle with acne, there's a good chance you prefer to cover up your zits with makeup as much as you can.In addition Caked-on product and weeks’ worth of dust and dirt can dry out bristles, making them brittle and abrasive to your skin. Those bristles are also excellent at trapping pet dander and other common allergens that circulate in the air. Regularly cleaning your brushes keeps the fibers soft, supple, and sanitized, so you won’t irritate your skin or aggravate any sensitivities.

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